Open: Daily 9am to midnight


Griesgasse 23
5020 Salzburg • Austria
+43 662 84 21 40

Our values

  • Tradition
  • Quality
  • Diversity
  • Tolerance
  • Fairness
  • Balance


The Sternbräu has always been a place of change, and so we preserve tradition always with a glace to the new. We love the rich tradition at our house, but also treading new ground again and again, like last proved with our trendy SternLounge and SternZeit.


We literally look at all our business decisions outside the box. Food and drinks of the highest quality with fast and professional service are our normal standard. But it is just at the present time also that certain something, the value off the “outside the box-thinking”. This is what we are trying to offer to our guests every day.


We stand for gastronomic variety in one building. The Sternbräu was "only" a Braugaststätte that expanded in recent decades to a "Catering World" with numerous different places. Now, in a third stage of development, some of these premises are themselves flexible and can be even combined to several local types in a room. So we are able to respond to all individual needs of the guests.


With over one hundred employees from more than 20 nations, we live for multiculturalism with tolerance and intercultural fun at work. Despite all the international, we are dedicated to the Salzburg’s culinary tradition! 


We try, as far as it is possible for a large operation to the processing of fairly produced and traded products as well as the commitment to regional suppliers. 


Our values as an employer: Satisfied employees are the keystone of a successful enterprise. The Sternbräu represents the philosophy of an appropriate work-life balance and is combined with sophistic- modern ways of thinking for traditional values. Through regular working hours, fixed rosters and punctual and regular payment, it is possible for the company to create a work-life balance, which in the catering industry is extremely rare. Developing an employer brand is realized together with the right partners. They are equally supported as required.