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This tells the exciting story of Sternbräu

From Karl Reisenbichler to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:
As we wrote and nowadays write history for nearly 500 years .

Anno 2018: This "Stern" shines brighter than ever!

The Sternbräu surprises with spectacular ambience, a delicious new SternBier and sophisticated Austrian cuisine. Do you want to know who our fans and patrons are today? Angela Merkel, Anthony Hopkins , Bülent Ceylan, David Hasselhoff , Mario Barth and many other celebrities always eat at Sternbräu when visiting Salzburg.

The new Sternbräu impresses with modern glass architecture, sahara coloured walls as well as water fountains and light effects.

Expansion and becoming a family.

In 2010, the real estate company "Salzburger Immobilien Bauträger AG" becomes the new owner and begins to develop the Sternbräu more attractive, together with the restaurant operators. First of all, the “Jedermannstube” was redesigned. In 2011 the "Gwölb at the old city walls" arises in the ground floor.

At the beginning of 2013 the biggest rebuilding phase in the history of Sternbräu began. It is a daring dialog between contemporary architecture and preserving the traditional taverns and the partially listed building structures. Meanwhile, the operator reopens of the Gablerbräu in the Linzer Gasse (right river side of the old town ), another traditional house of Salzburg.


The Sternbräu was "officially" reopened on 25th October 2014 with a big festival and thousands of guests. The pre-opening of the Sternbräu already started on October the First.

Many inhabitants of Salzburg and guests from out-of-town came during those weeks to see the new Sternbräu and often reveled in old memories.


With the new Sternbräu, a new urban centre was created with a variety of dining options for all audiences. Salzburg's old town has been enriched by a new culinary heart . And the Sternbräu was emphasized: SternLounge , SternZeit and the Trattoria La Stella are restaurants each with its own profile.

With about 650 seats inside, 670 seats in the gardens and around 100 employees from more than 20 nations, the Sternbräu is today one of the largest and best-known dining establishments in Austria.

 In 2015 the beer garden, the SternStöckl and another special restaurant project will follow.

Early adulthood.

Up to the end of the 70s many changing hosts of the Sternbräu took primarily care about the physical well-being of the guests. In 1979 a new phase of expansion begins : With the "Braumeister" the first Bierpub in Salzburg opened.

Between 1986 and 1988 extensive reconstruction work is done in the Sternbräu. The Stern Beer Garden gets a new face and the "Trattoria La Stella" has been opened. The Sternbräu became the coveted center of culture and events in Salzburg when the first theater and cabaret performances of the well-known "Sound of Salzburg Show" started in 2000. (The shows took place mainly in the Sternsaal, which is our “Festungssaal” nowadays)

In 2006 Mag. Harald Kratzer took over the traditional Sternbräu. In 2007 the new bar & pub Abendstern opened and appealed to a completely new target group.

The youth.

In 1907 the brewery moved to the district Riedenburg behind the Neutor. Between 1923 and 1931 the enterprise, which became meanwhile a part of the Österreichischen Brau-AG, developed to a “Großgasthof”. In 1956 the last bottle of the favourite Sternbier was produced in the “Stern-Brewery”.

The childhood.

None other than Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart spent hours on hours in the  Sternbräu, mainly in 1777. In 1810 the restaurant was named "Goldener Stern". In 1929 or a few years previously the large-scale wall paintings of the artist Karl Reisenbichler(1885-1962)emerged. For those paintings, as some sources say, instead of payment Karl Reisenbichler got board and lodge in the Sternbräu. Those can be still admired in the renovated Bürgeersaal today.



The birth.

As it is always the challenge with historical buildings you cannot date the birth back for one hundred percent. Presumably the chronic of the house can be dated back to the Medieval Times. Anyway it is certain that there were many small breweries in the city of Salzburg in the 16th century

The name "Sternbräu" as a brewery with restaurant is first mentioned in 1542. For this reason we write "Since 1542", although the history of our house probably dates back even longer. The star as a guild sign of breweries was first mentioned in 1425. You can still see this guild sign nowadays especially at Franconia breweries in Germany.

The star as a ubiquitous symbol of our Sternbräu originates from this centuries old tradition.