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Griesgasse 23
5020 Salzburg • Austria
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The many faces of our Sternbräu

Incredible variety in the heart of Salzburg's Old Town.

Please select between two halls, five rooms, three pub gardens and four new trendy venues and find the most appropriate one for you. Enjoy a trip through all our eleven premises and make yourself familiar with our completely renovated house.

With approximately 1.300 seats indoor and outdoor, we are proud to be one of the largest restaurants in whole Austria. And yet it is full of individual niches that provide lots of comfort. Our regular guests have already found their favorite place in the new Sternbräu. Come and feel at home!

On our ground floor

(97 places)

MYSTIC & MAJESTIC. Dining here feels a bit as sitting on a knight's table. This beautiful room is about 100 years old, but newly renovated since 2014 and mostly kept in brown and red tones. One of our most popular rooms. The legendary Bürgersaal would be nothing without the mystical-dark paintings by the Austrian painter Karl Reisenbichler. The paintings were created around 1924 and mostly show scenes from the daily life in Salzburg in between 1500 and 1600- this gives the effect of some special haunted castle atmosphere in the Sternbräu. The new interior relies entirely on those cosiness which is also exuded by the distinctive wooden ceiling. This is a place where locals, families and tourists particularly enjoy our gastronomic service. See what is recently written before our Bürgersaal about the new Sternbraeu armorial?

(87 places)

TRADITIONAL & DOWN-TO-EARTH. A real beer bar, which is difficult to find more cozy or "gmiatlich" (as you say in Austria) in whole Salzburg. In this room you can breathe Salzburg's traditional beer culture and even the paintings show only scenes from brewing and the daily former life. Here you can sit together and enjoy one or two mugs of our STERNBIER. For sure we also welcome guests, who only have time for a light and quick lunch. See how we attract all different kinds of clienteles: Especially in the evening you find one or two "Stammtische" in our Braumeisterstube. The beautiful wood paneling and a cozy fire bowl invite you to linger.You will be impressed how many Sternbräu stars you can count in this room.

(54 seats, 22 places at the bar)

Please find our special offer for drinks and food here!

TRENDY & DIFFERENT. An unexpected room in our new Sternbräu. Even from the outside it is an eye-catcher. Stylish & comfortable, with striking lamps, a striking wood ceiling and cosy leather sofas. Breakfast is here served from 9 a.m., including specials as the “Lounge-Breakfast”. After breakfast we treat you with our exclusive “degustation cuisine”, manageable portions of traditional as well as seasonal Salzburg cuisine at moderate prices. Our guests are as colourful as life itself. Business Meetings, trendy scene place, tourist haunt. Enjoy a quick coffee or a three -course gourmet meal with tapas. Almost anything is possible in the SternLounge. A room that is also popular for all kinds of upscale events.

As promised by the motto of the SternLounge this is the “Mitten im Leben- center of life”. The SternLounge is the new hotspot of our Sternbräu which is the ancient and new centre of the Salzburg’s old town. Open daily to midnight. And please note: The special "degustation cuisine" menu is only available in the SternLounge!

(64 seats, 7 places at the bar)

Please find our special and enlarged list of beverages here (only in German for the moment)!

AMBIVALENT & ADRETT. May we introduce to you? The SternZeit is the chameleon of the new Sternbräu. A premise that changes temperament, mood and light over and over. A space that constantly redefines itself.

In our SternZeit you can feel the diversity of Sternbräu more than in any other areas in the house. At a first glance it may look as a normal guestroom, but a particular light design, the eye-catching “bottle lamps” on the ceiling, large photos and modern paintings turn this room in some modern and youthful place. A tiled stove and lots of oak wood give some pleasant atmosphere. One of those place you must have seen! The SternZeit is our „Day & Night Bar & Lounge”. This means: Open daily until 2 a.m. in the morning. A new vibrant trendy meeting place in town!

Our first floor

(64 seats)

MODERN & MULTI-FUNCTIONAL. Our counterpoint to the Bürgersaal is the Festungssaal, which is our modern -rounder: Made for presentations , shows and art. Here the famous shows such as the "Sound of Salzburg Dinner Show" and performances of the Salzburg theater group "caravan" are held. The Festungssaal is equipped with the latest conference technology. It can be expanded as needed to the tower room (then up to 74 seats).

(37 seats)

RURAL & BEERY. Wood meets tiled stove-alpine comfort pure: Although it seems you are sitting in a guestroom of an upscale hotel somewhere in the country, you are in the middle of Salzburg's Old Town. And that's why we call it Bierstube: Here you can pull your own beer! The Bierstube is popular especially for smaller companies, which often decide for set menus. You will be amazed by the cosiness of this place. This area can be hired exclusively. The almost completely wooden room also fascinates with a sophisticated lighting design. This room is also equipped with a multimedia screen.

(120 seats)

FAR & WIDE. The "big brother" of the SternLounge is our SternGalerie on the first floor. Here you can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the SternLounge combined with architectural airiness that aspires to heaven. The SternGalerie is the largest room in the house. This is a place for larger groups, and when needed, the SternGalerie changes into the perfect setting for concerts such as the "Jazz & the City" festival. And when there is "full house" in the Sternbräu and our ground floor is fully booked our guests can enjoy our à-la-carte service even in the SternGalerie. The food will be brought up with its own food lift and additionally we have a second kitchen set up a on the first floor .

(24 seats)

EXCLUSIVE & FIERY. An exclusive open space on the first floor. Our Atrium is a special outdoor space for get-togethers before or during events. Here we suggest to take a deep breath. The high tables and bar stools create the impression of sitting at an open-air bar. An elegant outside area for sunbathing over the roofs of Salzburg during the summer and a cosy fireplace in the middle during the winter.

(10 seats)

INTIMATE & INTERESTING. The ideal place for intimate business lunches or smaller meetings. The name "Turmstube " comes from an old defence tower that foundations' are exactly located two floors under today's "Turmstube" and dated back to 1480. During the renovations the foundation was uncovered.

This room also functions as an extension to the Festungssaal where often a buffet is arranged. This room is also equipped with a particularly large multimedia screen. It is thus perfectly suited for presentations, soccer or similar.

(51 seats)

SOCIABLE & DISCREET. The many photographs of different artists on the wall promise exclusivity. The Jedermannstube itself is kept remarkably functional for the new Sternbräu. This room is often booked for larger meetings of all kinds. It is the place where lots of Salzburger clubs (for example regularly the Lions Clubs Hohensalzburg) traditionally come together.

The Jedermannstube is ideal for celebrations and groups. And actually we have not even to mention it: After the renovation you find also a new luster and a completely new interior design!

(18 places)

FRAGRANT/AROMATIC & ALPINE. Pinewood meets deer antlers. A space as taken from a picture book. The particular implementation of traditional flair in the new Sternbräu. Nowhere else in Sternbräu it smells better - apart from the thousands of scents from the kitchen. The Jagdstube is entirely made ​​of domestic pinewood, and this reason alone makes it particularly attractive. In the pictures and curtains you find lots of hunting and nature petterns. This room is perfect for your family reunion, your graduation party or your exclusive Wedding Dinner - maybe at some long table. You will be enchanted by the special charm of our Jagdstube: The ambience is rustic by the deer antlers on the lampshades, but also fine and extraordinary.

Kids Corner

PLAYFUL & INTERACTIVE. The special children's room. Modern technology, child-friendly used. The younger ones enjoy to play and paint with terminals on the wall - interactive endless fun is guaranteed. Puzzle games and a maze - table are real hits for the little ones. The children take place on comfortable seating cubes. Especially for boys: Our table football table. And in the corner we have a large “construction site” with Lego blocks. The families who eat in Sternbräu, appreciate it: This children's room is something of a luxury. But, dear children: First, please eat, then go playing ;- ) .

Our beer gardens

(416 seats)

AIRY & RELAXING. “Jo mei”! Sternbräu connoisseurs appreciate it, newcomers learn to love it fast: our courtyard, probably the prototype of a typical “Salzburger Gastgarten“. Surrounded by arcades, it is the largest “Gastgarten” in the center of Salzburg. Old chestnut trees provide plenty of shady places. The trees are spectacularly illuminated in the evening.

In the summer months it is very busy here. Nevertheless, all are relaxed - because it's just so cozy. The arcades are heated beyond the warm months and are therefore even usable in the colder months. With outdoor play area. Happy breathe!

From 2015. Currently we have a winter break, but during “Advent”, from 22.1. 2014 to 23.12. 2014 out of beautiful SternAdvent with a lot of crafts, traditions and Stern-Delicacy takes place. Come and enjoy the loveliest time of the year!

SternLounge Schanigarten
(about 50 seats)

PULSATING & EXCITING. The life at the outside of our SternLounge: A modern outdoor area with plenty of sunshine. Here we serve our SternLounge breakfast and also the Salzburg tapas taste particularly good on the fresh air. On summer days, the glass front of our SternLounge is open and emerges an architectural unit of exterior & interior.

Aesthetically stimulating “water games” are directly in front of the garden and offer wellness for the soul and for the eye.

A place of seeing and being seen. A place as well to close your eyes, breathe deeply and let the sun shine on your face. Clearly, we also have large umbrellas for shade - lovers.

Beer garden
(about 225 seats)

EASY & “GMIATLICH”. A lovely beer garden in our completely new designed courtyard in between our Sternbräu and Trattoria La Stella. Enjoy our typical traditional dishes as roasted pork knuckle, our pretzel dumpling salad, our various sausages from local suppliers and our in-house unfiltered Sternbeer. Our chef de cuisine Michael Pratter and his team are looking forward to welcome you.

As we offer self-service in our beer garden, we kindly ask you to pick up your food in our newly renovated STÖCKL. We are convinced, that our Sternbräu beer garden will become your most favourite place in Salzburg after once sitting under our old chestnut trees and relaxing in the sun.

On the edge of our beer garden you can find aesthetically stimulating “water games”. Those ones are loved by the youngest and offer wellness for the soul and for the eye. Our tip for kids: The brightly painted "Sternbräu cows"! In the evening a spectacular lightning design provides a better quality of life. In our beer garden you find traditional comfort combined with a modern lifestyle.  


MODERN & TRADITIONAL. The self-service area of our beer garden. A building with the latest glass design.

While picking up your food and drinks in our new STÖCKL, take a look at the middle of the building: There you find a major conglomerate column from 1750. That is why our STÖCKL, the latest beer garden restaurant is heritage-protected.

Our tip for warm weather: „Eis im Stern” (Ice-cream in Sternbräu) is our new ice cream stand in cooperation with the success manufacturers IceZeit from Salzburg. Our “Eis im Stern” is located next to our beer garden and offers up to 24 different flavors of ice cream.